Copyscape Alternatives : Top 3 Best Plagiarism Checkers

3 Best Plagarism Checkers

The most important thing of Blogging is to write unique articles.Most of peoples always avoid the copyrighted content to be published in their blogs.But its very difficult to check whatever the content of website is copyrighted or not so today I am sharing  top 3 alternatives of Copyscape with all of you friends.We know that many Bloggers accept Guest Posts on their Blogs so first thing they in the guest post is to whatever content is copyrighted or not so these alternatives will help you in detecting the copyright content without much problems.You can checkout most trusted alternatives of Copyscape below.


What Are Plagiarism Checkers :

Plagiarism Checkers are tools which help you to detect the copied content of your websites or other websites.If Google will found copyright content on your blogs then it will penalize your blogs so its very important to remove copyrighted content from Blogs.These Plagiarism Checkers will help you to remove copyrighted content of your blogs.You can checkout top 3 Plagiarism Checkers below.



3 Best Alternatives of CopyScape :

I know most of you eagerly want to know about alternatives of Copyscape.So lets checkout best alternatives of Copyscape.

1. Article Checker :

Article Checker is one of best alternative of Copyscape because its features and interface.It is used by millions of peoples from all around the World to check copyrighted content of their blogs.Its very simple to check copyrighted content of your blogs using Article Checker.You just need to paste URL of your web page and then Article Checker will tell whatever content is copyrighted or not.If Article Checker will found any copyrighted content then I recommend you to remove it as soon as possible otherwise Google will penalize your blog.If don’t like this Copyscape alternative hen you can checkout other alternatives of Copyscape below.


2. DupliChecker :

This is also an awesome alternative of Copyscape.It is used by millions of Bloggers to check whatever their content is copied by someone or not.The use of DupliChecker is very simple.You just need to upload the text file containing your content or you can paste the content directly in text field.After that you will need to click on Submit button.This is free tool but if you use it without registering account then you can only 3 times a day.So I recommend you to register free account on this alternative of Copyscape.


3. SmallSeoTools :

This site contains all kind of tools like DA Check and Page Rank Checker.This site also contains Plagiarism checker tool which is also best alternative of Copyscape.This tool is completely free to use and you don’t need to register account in their site for accessing their Plagiarism check tool.

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These are best alternatives of Copyscape.If you like these Plagiarism checker then feel free to share these alternatives of Copyscape with your friends.If you any problems or know any other alternative of Copyscape then contact us.

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