5 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Expired Domains

5 thing to know while buying expire domainsIn these days, The Business of buying Expired Domains are become very popular so many peoples are involving it this Business of buying and selling Expired Domains.So today I am sharing an article which will help all peoples that are involved in Expired Domains Business.In this article, I will share tips which will help you choose perfect expired domains.When I was start buying Expired Domains, I face many problems like what should be its Domain Authority, Page Authority and Age but after lot of failures.Now I have gained lot of experience so today I am sharing some which you should consider while buying Expired Domains.

5 Things You Need to Know While Buying Expired Domains : -

You can all seven things which are consider while buying Expired Domains below.


1. Check DA/PA : -

The first thing you will need to check while buying Expired Domains is its Domain Authority and Page Authority.These two things are important things of any Expired domains.These things tell Backlink Quality of Expired Domains.You can checkout Domain Authority and Page Authority of any Expired Domains by visiting Open Site Explorer.I recommend you to buy Expired Domains that have Domain Authority of atleast 20.


2. Check Domains With Google Banned Checker :

While I was in starting of Expired Domains Business, I make many mistakes and most of mistakes are that I don’t check for Expired Domains for Google Banned Checker.Actually, Google Banned Checker is tool that check whatever Expired Domain is banned by Google or not.You can checkout to whatever your Domain is banned or not by visiting Google Banned Checker tool.


3. Use WayBackMachine :

WayBackMachine is tool that show history of any Expired Domains.This is most useful tool while buying Expired or Old Domains.This is tool will tell you about niche of any Expired Domains and how site looks in past.The use of this WayBackMachine tool is very simple,You just need to paste web address of any Expired Domains in this tool.


4. Use Adsense Banned Checker :

We know that Google Adsense is one of important things for Bloggers and Website Owners so if Google Adsense is banned in any Expired Domains then that Domains is useless.So you should check your Expired Domains with Google Adsense Banned Checker.If the Expired Domain is banned by Google Adsense then I recommend you leave that Domains and start searching any other domains.


5. Verify Page Rank Carefully :

According to me, The Page Rank of most of Expired Domains are fake so I suggest you to carefully verify the Page Rank of any Expired Domains before buying it.You can use Fake Page Rank Checker to check whatever Page Rank any Expired Domains is fake or real.If the Page Rank of any Domains is fake then I recommend you to leave it.


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If you will follow these 5 tips carefully then I am sure that you will able to buy good Expired Domains without investing much money.If you like this article then please share it with your friends so that they can also  checkout this is awesome article.

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