Secret Revealed To Improve Alexa Rank In Only 1 Week

Increase Alexa RankAlexa Rank is becomes very important factor of Blog in last 2-3 Years.Every Advertise looks on Alexa Ranking for checking the Traffic and Reputation of the Blog in Blog-o-Sphere.But many Bloggers unable to improve Alexa Ranking of their Blogs because of low traffic and some other factors.So their Blogs attract very less Advertisers and they earn very small amount of Money.2 Months ago,I was suffering the Internet and I found very useful tool named ‘Alexa Boostup‘ to improve Alexa Ranking of the Blog.I used this tool on one of my Blog and I found that my Blog’s Alexa Rank is start increasing very quickly.So today I’m sharing this tool with you so that you can also improve Alexa ranking of your Blogs.This Tool is very easy to use and surely improve Alexa Ranking of your Blog.


What Is Alexa Boostup ?

Alexa Boostup is an tool that works on your Browser to improve Alexa Ranking of your Blogs and Websites.The Alexa Boostup is completely Free to use and supports almost all Browser.It is already used by many Bloggers of the World to improve their Blog’s Alexa Ranking.


How Does It Works ?

Alexa Boostup is an Auto Suffering Website.Here you’ll need to Surf Blogs and Websites of other Bloggers with Alexa Toolbar installed to earn points.If you’ll surf 1 Website or Blog then you’ll earn  1 Point.You can use these Points for driving Visitors to your Blogs.When other Bloggers will visit your Blogs then your Alexa Ranking will start improving.If you’re a busy Person and unable Surf Blogs daily then you can also purchase the Points.


Signup on Alexa Boostup :

Alexa Boostup is completely Free of cost that means you can signup on Alexa Boostup for Free with purchasing any Plan.You can signup on Alexa Boostup by clicking here.Here you’ll need to fill your Email Address and some other details.After creating an account,You can Log in with your Email Address and Password to Alexa Boostup Dashboard.


Adding your Blogs or Websites :

You can add your Blogs and Websites in Alexa Boostup by going to Manage  Websites tab on Left hand side and then clicking on Add New Website.Here you’ll need to fill your Website or Blog details and after filling all required details click on Save Changes button.After that your Website or Blog will start showing in Websites list.

Alexa Boostup Screen Shot

How to Earn Points ?

You can earn the Points by suffering the Blogs and Websites of other Bloggers.If you’ll surf 1 Website then you’ll earn 1 Point.Before start suffering the websites,You need to installing the Alexa Toolbar and Alexa Boostup(Optional) Extension on your Browser.You can install these Extension by visiting Here.-After installing these Extensions,You  can earn the Points by clicking on Launch Auto Surf button.

If you’ll see an error then make you sure that Pop ups are not blocked.You should enable the Popups to earn points otherwise your points will start decreasing.


Can I Use Alexa Boostup with Google Adsense ?

Yes, You can use the Alexa Boostup with Google Adsense.But I don’t recommend you to use the Alexa Boostup with Google Adsense because Google Adsense doesn’t like Traffic from Auto Suffering Sites.If you really want to use the Alexa Boostup on your Blog then you should remove your Google Adsense ads.

Conclusion :

Overall,Alexa Boostup is very good Tool for new Blogs.You can improve Alexa Ranking of your new Blogs very fast.The Alexa Ranking will starting improving from first day when you’ll start using it.But I don’t recommend you to use Alexa Boostup on long run Blogs and Websites.This tool is successfully worked for me,Hope it will also work for you.if you found this article helpful then please share it with your Friends.


    • Param Khiva says

      Thanks Victor For Dropping First Comment on my Blog.Hope this trick will help you to improve Alexa Ranking of your Blog.

    • Param Khiva says

      Yes Ankit,It really helps to improve Alexa Ranking of Blog fast.I also improve Alexa Rank of my Blog using this trick.

  1. surya says

    hii Param Khiva your blog is very nice ,I love your theme but I want to suggest as a fellow blogger that your English is poor , so learn good
    English and write the posts .Don’t get your image down by your English.
    I want the name of your theme that you are using I look forward to hearing a positive response from you.I am also a new blogger and my site is so we would help each other to reach our targets.

    contact me AT [email protected]

  2. Param Khiva says

    Thank You Surya for Commenting on Bloglayer.I’m Trying to improve my English and currently on Bloglayer,I’m using Blogging Cage Theme.If you need any other help then please Comment or Contact Us.

  3. says

    thanks bro for this wonderful post on alexa ranking. But one thing i am as a visitor want to tell you that your website layout is not so good kindly please make it good for better traffic.

    It’s Just a Suggestion bhai for you. :)

    • Param Khiva says

      Thank you Arpit for Commenting on my Blog.Your Suggestions is very helpful for me.I will make my Blog easy to navigate so that everyone can access my content easily.

  4. says

    Hello Param,
    I already used this trick for improving my Alexa rank. But, It is a bit hectic to work on it! I did for some time and now I am not using it! Better leave it on Alexa. Anyways, thank you for sharing this trick.


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