7 Blogs You Should Read To Become SEO Expert

Best Blogs To Learn SEO in 2014Blogging is growing rapidly in whole World and every Blogger want to drive huge traffic to their Blogs for earning some extra money.The most difficult task of Blogging is driving traffic to Blogs and you can drive traffic to your Blogs from Social Media Sites,Search Engines and other Sources.Driving Traffic to your Blogs from Social Media Sites is easier than driving traffic from Search Engines.But you cannot expect huge traffic from Social Media Sites.So the only choice you have left to drive huge traffic to your Blogs are Search Engines.As I already told you that driving traffic to Blogs from Search Engines is not an easy task because of Google’s Algorithms.But still you can drive the huge Traffic to your Blogs from Search Engines by learning some Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Techniques.So today I’m sharing 7 Blogs that will help you to drive Traffic to your Blogs from Search Engines like Google and Yahoo.Most of Bloggers of World mostly newbies are don’t know about SEO.So those Bloggers can learn about SEO and SEO Techniques to get best position on Search Engines by reading these SEO Blogs daily.

7 Blogs You Should Read To Become SEO Expert

1. MOZ :

SEO Blog #1

MOZ is very popular Blog on Internet about SEO and Inbound Marketing.It was running since last few years and become the best SEO Blog of the World.The first name of Blog is SEOMoz and in 2013,Rand Fishkin changes its name MOZ because of some reasons.Most of Pro Bloggers of the World likes to read the MOZ’s because of  Advanced SEO articles and news about Search Engine changes.I also read the Moz’s Blog daily and it helped me a lot to became a successful Blogger.You should also read Moz’s Blog daily to learn about Search Engine Optimization.

2. Search Engine Land :


Search Engine Land is also very popular about Search Engine Optimization(SEO).It was created by Barry Schwartz.He is a Blogger and Reporter.He likes to write articles about Search Engines and SEO Marketing.Search Engine Land contains thousands of articles about Search Engines and these articles are written by experienced Authors.You should read Search Engine Land’s Blog to get SEO tips and information from experienced Authors.

3. Search Engine Watch :

Search Engine Watch

Search Engine Watch is a Blog that covers articles about Search Engines,Social Media  and Content Marketing.This Blog is running since many Years and helped lots of Webmasters to get good ranking in Search Engines.It was also suggested by Matt Cutts to Webmasters and Bloggers.

4. Search Engine Journal :


Search Engine journal is very popular Blog about Search Engines,Content Marketing,SEO and Social Media.The main focus of Search Engine Land is to provide Peoples with latest news about Search Engines and Social Media.You should Search Engine Journal’s Blog to get News about Search Engines and Social Media.

5. Matt Cutts :Matt-Cutts

Matt Cutts is a head of Google Webspam Team and he is owner of Matt Cutts Blog.In Matt Cutts Blog,He articles about Search Engines,SEO, and Google.He also write his Personal on it.You should read Matt Cutts Blog for learning SEO and getting latest news about Google.

6. Search Engine Roundtable :Search Engine Roundtable

Search Engine Roundtable is an Blog about SEO and Search Engines.It was founded by Barry Schwartz  in 2003.,You should Subscribe to their Newsletter for learning SEO and driving huge Traffic to your Blogs.

7. Blacklinko :Backlinko

Blacklinko is a Blog about Backlinks and SEO.It is a really good Blog for newbie bloggers.Backlinks are most important part of Search Engine Optimization(SEO).If your Blog has many Quality Backlinks then chances of getting good ranking on Google or any search engines will increase.This Blog mostly covers articles about Backlinks.In 2014,Many Pro-Bloggers says that Link Building is dead,But its not 100% true.The Link Building is not dead,But the priority of Backlinks on Google is decreased.This is a really good Blog to learn about Backlinks and Search Engine Optimization(SEO).

Conclusion :

These are best Blogs of the World to learn about SEO and you should read these Blogs daily to become a real SEO Expert.If you found this article then comment below and share it with your Friends.I will reply your comments as soon as possible.


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    Thanks Param for sharing this article… i only knew about backlinko.. but now i know 6 other blogs also to learn SEO.. keep up the good work dear.. cheers

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